Hardware Implementation:

From a hardware standpoint, the UNIVAC 90/60 was implemented as a third-generation computer, making use of integrated circuits instead of discrete transistors. Unlike the IBM 360, upon which the design of the UNIVAC 90/60 was based, the UNIVAC 90/60 made use of semiconductor memory instead of coincident-current core memory. Earlier UNIVAC machines (most notably, the 9x00 machines, which also adapted the IBM 360 architecture) had made use of both plated-wire memories and thin-film memories. These proved troublesome, and UNIVAC used some of the first semiconductor static-RAM chips for the 90/60 and it's faster sibling, the UNIVAC 90/70.

The logic family used in the CPU was DTL (Diode-Transistor Logic), a predecessor to the more commonly known TTL (transistor-transistor) logic. This was implemented using both integrated circuits and discrete diodes on a modular circuit card. When compared to the SLT (Solid Logic Technology) construction of the IBM 360, circuit density was fairly low.