Where to obtain Classic (Motorola 68000 based) Macintosh Software

Micheal H. McCabe

(Revised August 2, 2008)



1.         Apple Computer


Thankfully! Apple maintains an archive of system software for all but the earliest Macintosh 68000-based computers.  The primary location for system software downloads is:




This particular website offers versions of the Mac OS ranging from System 6.0.3 to system 7.5.3.  As a bonus, there is also a section on this page devoted to Apple II software.  Sadly, there’s no reference to DOS 3.3, SOS, or Integer BASIC. Nor are there versions of the Macintosh OS prior to version 6.0.3!


I’m told that system 7.6 can’t be offered online (for free) because of licensing restrictions.


Another useful list of system software can be found at:




This part of the website includes international versions that might be appropriate for users in areas other than English-speaking North America.


Content of particular interest here includes support for the Apple //e card that was sold for use on the Macintosh LC (and successors.)  The Apple //e startup program can be found at:




A disk image of PRODOS 8 can be found at the following location.  This allows you to actually boot the Apple //e card and run some software (at least BASIC):




The manual for the Apple //e card is also available from Apple and can be downloaded (in PDF format) from:




A good starting point for most 680xx Macintosh Computers (newer than the Mac Plus) is the “Network Access Disk.”  It contains enough of the operating system to get your computer bootstrapped and able to access an Apple-talk network.




2.         A good record of the original software bundle that came with the very first Macintosh is described by Eric Rasmussen on his web pages at:




Of particular interest, his website contains links to the official Apple specifications for early Macintosh systems (ranging from the original 128k Macintosh to the Macintosh LC.)  This information is available on the Apple website, but can be very difficult to locate.


Most importantly, he has preserved disk images of early bundled software that have disappeared from other websites (probably at the request of Apple Computer.)


3.         The Boston Computer Society amassed a truly amazing collection of shareware and freeware that was formerly available to its members.  Unfortunately, that society dissolved in 1996.  The good folks at Applefritter have been kind enough to preserve that collection and make it available online at:




4.         Another good reference for Macintosh System Software written by Andy Mesa can be found at:




            Many of the links given for downloads are long since dead, but he gives a very good description of the evolutionary path that the Mac OS has taken.


5.         “VMS' System Software Downloads for Your Old Mac” is another promising site that lists disk images of free Macintosh software.




6.         Another great site, unfortunately also cursed with a number of broken links, is Gamba’s page at:



Another of Gamba’s pages has the mother load of classic Mac OS downloads accessible at:




7.         Specific Macintosh Software (to be determined):


            A.        Macintosh 128k / 512k


·        Operating System

·        MacWrite

·        MacPaint

·        MacTerminal

·        MacBASIC

·        MacPascal

·        Macintosh 68000 Development System

·        MacDraw

·        MacProject



This document is under construction. Last update 08/02/2008. Micheal H. McCabe