Day 13 — Compact Cassettes Getting Loaded

The number of different media types here is overwhelming… My project started with the Digital-8 Videotapes because of the ease in converting the digital video stream on the tape into a digital stream on disk. Likewise, the 9-track tapes were easily copied from tape to disk-images using the Linux DD command-line utility. Making sense of the data might take a bit longer in some cases, but most of the 9-tracks contained TARballs from earlier incarnations of the Unix Operating System, so decoding them won’t present much of a challenge.

2017-04-13-143801 2017-04-13-143810 2017-04-13-143816

I’ve now moved back into conventional analog media — in this case, audio cassette recordings.  I’m using Audacity to record them to disk and generate MP3 files, but the sheer number of audio cassettes (and a few reel-to-reel tapes that I’ll convert with the same setup is pretty daunting.  I’ll start with this “small batch” of 100 tapes or so, and work my way through the library given time.  I probably won’t get through everything in time for the retrochallenge deadline.