Retrochallenge Day #4

The TapeStore project is moving along slowly. I’ve managed to digitize and upload the first 22 8mm tapes from the Sony Digital Handycam and fill about half of my first 500 GB Hard Drive.  While uploading the tapes, I’ve been taking notes and plan on starting my index database soon.

The next phase of the project will be to dig out the Ampex VPR-80 and Time-Base Corrector so that I can digitize and upload the dozen or so 1″ C-Format tapes in the collection. Some of these are edited copies of stuff that was sourced on the Digital-8, so you’ll see a certain degree of duplication.  Moving several hundred pounds of vintage video gear is a project in-and-of itself and I plan on filming the operation. Stay tuned for more video updates from Paleoferrosaurus.