About Paleoferrosaurus

Context is everything.  For the few people on Earth that actually read this drivel, most will not know me personally.  We probably share some common interests that led you here, but sometimes a little bit of background information is helpful in interpreting what you find.

My name is Micheal Harve McCabe.  I’m presently 49 years old and live in northwestern Pennsylvania in the United States of America.  I’m married. I have three adult children.  I’m a graduate of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.  If population demographics are an interest of yours, I’m a fat, middle-aged, white male. I’m not religious, and the current political climate of the United States disgusts me.

I am presently employed by two public-safety agencies in Erie County:  The West County Paramedic Association where I serve as an IT specialist and part-time paramedic; and the Central Erie County Paramedic Association where I serve as a full-time paramedic and general purpose technical wizard — involved in the care and management of computers, radio communications, and biomedical electronics.

I am a hacker and a tinkerer.  I write a lot of code for embedded devices that find use in communications equipment and medical devices.  Most of that stuff is pretty boring. The stuff that isn’t boring (from my perspective) are the “vintage” and “classic” computers that I tinker with and (occasionally) find useful applications for.

My hobbies include amateur radio (call sign: KB3NJY), model rocketry, firefighting, local history, and cellular biology.  I enjoy reading and writing both fiction and non-fiction.  I am sometimes employed as a teacher at the post-secondary level where I’ve taught classes as diverse as Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy, Medical Laboratory Practices, and Health Information Technology.

The content of this blog and associated web pages will reflect, to a greater or lesser extent, the total scope of my interests.  You will find articles on topics ranging from pre-hospital medicine to retrocomputing to railroad history and anthropology.  While I’m an expert in none of these fields, I tend to write whatever crosses my mind in a given moment.  As always, take everything with a grain of salt and consider the source!