The Apple II Plus


What can you say about the Apple II Plus that hasn’t already been said?  6502 Microprocessor, 48k RAM (Plus 16k RAM bank switched into the ROM address space for the “language card), AppleSoft in ROM, DOS 3.3, UPPER CASE ONLY, 80-column text optional.  In short, I love the damned thing.

Unfortunately, mine has a flakey keyboard encoder, so reliability has become an issue with this favorite artifact of the 1970’s.   I’ve also noticed some problems with cassette I/O — but that could easily be the computer, the tape deck, or the tape itself… Cassette I/O was never known for either speed or reliability. 🙂

I’m told that some versions of PRODOS might actually be made to work on the II Plus.  This might be a fun, if pointless, endeavor for the long cool evenings this fall.

What I would really like to accomplish is to recover some FORTRAN programs I wrote on this machine back in 1981 and move them to a newer platform.  Since FORTRAN on the Apple II actually ran under the UCSD Pascal operating system (the compiler generated the same pseudocode as the PASCAL compiler), it’s always been a bitch to interchange data with either DOS or PRODOS.  I might have to try and get the p-System running on an emulator in order to exchange data in the form of disk images.  We’ll see!