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The UNIVAC 90/60 Fan Page

Wang 5506-2 Terminal / Workstation

EMS Charts for Patient Care Reports and Human Resources

The Original "Computer Collection" Document

The Gudgeonville Covered Bridge

Fun and Games with the Commodore 64

Moving the Valley School

Local Railroad History

The Grand Trunk Western 4070 that pulled excursion trains at Conneaut Lake Park

Fairview Engine #45

The DecMate VT-278

Where to get Classic Macintosh Software

Macintosh Software Collection

What to do "After the Fire"

Childhood Homes Revisited

A Timeline of the MacArthur Ancestors

Children of Arthur (By Michael A. McCabe)

Well, that sucks.

Somebody at Yahoo killed my website and all my Wordpress crap has evaporated. Strangely, the older content is still here but will require curation in order to rebuild the master index and links to all my content.

In the meantime, this is simply a personal website and NOT a public utility. I wish I could guarantee uptime and access to the content, but that's thoroughly impractical in an age of constant abuse from our corporate overlords, anarchist hackers, and the ever present idiot savants that seem to rule the web.

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